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  1. Objections to evolution
  2. Is pre-Darwinian evolution plausible? | Biology Direct | Full Text
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Objections to evolution

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Brooks, D. Allopatric speciation and non-interactive parasite community structure. Classifications as languages of empirical comparitive biology. Funk and D. Brooks, eds. Information and entropy in a simple evolution model. Evolution as an entropic phenomenon. Pollard, ed. London: John Wiley and Sons. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and evolution: responses to Bookstein and to Wicken.

Evolution as entropy: Toward a unified theory of biology.

Is pre-Darwinian evolution plausible? | Biology Direct | Full Text

Chalesworth, B. A neo-Darwinian commentary on macroevolution. Churchland, P. Is thinker a natural kind? Denbigh, K. A non-conserved function for organized systems. Kubat and J. Zemen, eds. New York: American Elsevier. Edelman, G. Cell-adhesion molecules: A molecular basis for animal form. Elsasser, W. Biological application of the statistical concepts used in the Second Law. Fleagle, J.

Locomotor behavior and muscular anatomy of sympatric Malaysian leaf-monkeys Presbytis obscura and Presbytis melalophes. Primate positional behavior and anatomy: naturalistic and experimental approaches. Morbeck, H. Preuschoft, and N. Gomberg, eds. Stuttgart: Gustav Fischer. Frautschi, S. Entropy in an expanding universe. Galton, F. Hereditary genius.


Reprinted ed. Gatlin, L. Information theory and the living system.

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Goodwin, B. Development and evolution. Gould, S. Is a new and general theory of evolution emerging? Proc R Soc Lond B — Haken, H. Hamilton, H. A thermodynamic theory of the origin and hierarchical evolution of living systems. Heitler, W.

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Man and science. Blackburn, ed. Hempel, C. Aspects of scientific explanation. Hennig, W. Phylogenetic systematics. Hofstadter, D. Hollinger, H. An interpretation of macroscopic irreversibility within the Newtonian framework. Holmes, S. Recapitulation and its supposed causes. Jacob, F. The possible and the actual. Jantsch, E. The evolutionary vision.

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Johnson, L. The thermodynamic origin of ecosystems. Karreman, G. Topological information content and chemical reactions. Kelley, H. Entropy of knowledge. Kettlewell, H. Selection experiments on industrial melanism in the Lepidoptera. Geographical melanism in the Lepidoptera of Shetland.