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The Restless Universe: From PTF to ZTF
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The Open University. Space and the Cosmos. Aspen Ideas Astronomy Public Lecture Series. Physics and Space Sciences. Robert Wagner.

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Start writing fiction - Audio. Creative Writing - Audio. English grammar in context - for iBooks. The language of motherhood, of adulthood, of childhood -- the language of family and individual -- has never been like this. Sly and probing, with the sting of precision and pain. The woman as drudge may be "a failure at folding," but she is a rare songmaker whose dialogues with a son, a sister -- the usual figures from the family romance -- make for a musical and philosophical call and response.

The son proposes one way to keep birds from crashing into fatally clear windows is to 'open the windows all over the world. Assuming that many things like the appearance of people exactly like you happen an infinite number of times, how can we compare appearances to calculate probabilities? In this context the question is how we can compare the number of observers who appear in a nice warm post-Big-Bang environment to the number who pop randomly out of the nothingness as thermal fluctuations.

In a scenario like ours, you need thermal fluctuations to create new universes, so there is always some possibility of making observers as well. I think that our picture is much better than most versions of eternal inflation from this perspective, as it seems easier to make a baby universe than to make an observer — the magic of inflation is that a bubble ready to inflate can be almost arbitrarily tiny, while an observer needs space for its thinking apparatus.

Baby universes were just the means to that end. Our strategy for doing so was to say that a low-energy de Sitter vacuum was the highest-entropy state you could be in where space was still connected, and that most conditions evolve toward such a state. At least if we discount Minkowski space with exactly vanishing vacuum energy, maybe for anthropic reasons.

The Restless Universe by Max Born, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Of course we then immediately evolve to a state with more than one connected component via the nucleation of baby universes. Our idea is that there is no maximum number of components separate universes , so any finite number can still grow. It could be difficult in those cases to fix what counts as a generic initial condition, but it might not be impossible. Is it?

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But if we live in an observationally inflated universe the natural question would be if inflating regions may spawn several non-inflating regions. Say, by inflation locally stopping. Then we could live in a multiverse. The question about initial conditions, which the article seems to return to later, seems an over-reach. I take it that if inflation always existed, this would not be a problem.

And an infinite number of universes would then be consistent. The only reason to bother about initial conditions among otherwise infinite seeming systems potentially forward time infinite, potentially infinite volumes is if one wants to posit that the arrow of time needs to have another explanation than the anthropic principle.

Born, Max.

Having the latter case by, say, both the 2LOT and long enough lasting universes for observers from the expansion. That would be somewhat confusing. Is Milgrom the Kepler of modern cosmology? If nature is finite and digital then is there a way of circumventing the measure problem in quantum gravitational theory? Thanks for the opportunity to post. I would like to make three observations in terms of the philosophy of cosmology. Every day he developed a new one, more cunning, more exciting and more fucked.

I hope she is doing much better. Is there some degeneracy here, or are there really 4 pillars to the Multiverse? Four would seem to be a slam-dunk! Sean, what do you think about this which appeared yesterday. Sean, I can normally follow your clear writing. But this post I found very confusing.

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Could you perhaps elaborate more on each of the points here to make it easier to understand? It just pushes the problem out of this universe to another level — why is there a multiverse? What justifies the concern with the appearance of observers?

The Restless Universe

Meaning that there is no meaningful measure applicable to both observer-compatible and generic sets of boundary conditions? Then the multiverse might be ordered into a cosmos by this single parameter. Perhaps the problem is that in every multiverse scenario, our universe is radically contingent.

But is that a real problem? An actual infinite does not have to be an infinite Person after all.

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If eternal inflation seems to admit of such a thing, might it not be a strong indicator there is something fundamentally wrong with the concept? But are all 4 the same multiverse? Or is it just that 4 different lines of thought lead to some concept of a multiverse — but not the same concept. Now, what if they actually were the same? For example, if the many worlds multiverse was the same as a bubble universes multiverse, would that mean quantum states could interact gravitationally with each other?

This formula should provide an extremely predictive and accurate answer. Unfortunatly, their results diverge from mine by exactly 42, and took… slightly longer to calculate.